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Jack Helmig, Alvin Vos, Gord Jessiman and Doug Volk, Quarrymen

Jack Helmig, Alvin Vos, Gord Jessiman and Doug Volk,
Quarrymen, Rosalind

The Rosalind quarry was originally part of the Magna Cove Barium Corporation, and was eventually purchased by Dresser Industries. The large oil drilling company of Haliburton also took an interest in the quarry, and the resulting joint venture renamed the project Ml Drilling.

Bentonite clay was first quarried at Rosalind in the 1950s. In the following decades, the quarry provided a significant amount of drilling mud for the oil industry, but this market dropped off when American clays entered the competitive marketplace in the '80s.

The plant subsequently switched to production of industrial clays for fertilizer, refractory, agricultural and construction industries, particularly for producing refractory bricks in eastern Canada.

During peak production, the operation employed up to ten people to dig the bentonite, dry it and package it for shipment.

The quarry officially closed at the end of 1992.