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Coal Mines of Canada

Atlas Mine: East Coulee
Bellevue Mine: Bellevue
Canmore Mine: Canmore
Coal Valley Mine: Coal Valley
Commander Mine: Nacmine
Dodds Coal Mine: Ryley
Genesee Mine: Genesee
Greenhill Mine: Blairmore
Gregg River Mine: Hinton
Highvale Mine: Seba Beach
Luscar Mine: Cardinal River
Midland Mine: Midland
Montgomery Mine: Sheerness
Nordegg Mine: Nordegg
Paintearth Mine: Forrestburg
Smokey River Mine: Grande Cache
Sheerness Mine: Sheerness
Smokey River Mine: Grande Cache
Thorhill Mine: Thorhill
Vesta Mine: Forrestburg
Whitewood Mine: Wabamun

Coal Mines of Canada Top

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