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Drumheller Valley Miners Gallery
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Julie Auld
Office Supervisor

I was born in Estevan in 1919. You know, I feel good except my arthritis is bad sometimes. And I can still get around, so I want to stay here in East Coulee.

My dad was a coal miner in winter and a farmer in the summer. I met my husband, Toby, at a dance in Bienfait. He was a coal miner. We got married in Estevan in 1942. The underground coal mines were closing in Saskatchewan, but Toby wanted to continue as a coal miner so we came here. We didn't plan to stay long - just save our money and move out to the coast.

In town, I worked in the lumber yard, then at a big general store on the corner. In 1972, I started with the Atlas Mine - my first job was weighing trucks. In the end, I did the shipping, the payroll and the books and I sold the coal. I worked at the Atlas Mine until 1987, when the owner, Omer Patrick, donated the tipple, associated buildings and the land to the Drumheller Valley Heritage Society.

I think if the mine was still operating on a small scale, I'd be hobbling over there yet. There were a lot of nice people, and I really did enjoy the work