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Canmore Miners Gallery
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Tillie and John Stachnowich
Retired Coal Tipple Foreman

I was born in Austria in 1914, but I am Ukrainian. I came to Canada in 1929. I worked 38 years as a tipple foreman and retired in 1968, and I got a clock. I worked on the dump. I used to dump 700 to 900 cars a day. They wanted me to be tipple foreman because they could depend on me.

In the old days, everybody that worked at the mine had to walk past our house in the morning, and then back again every night when they went home.

In the old days, we had a party every week. We had a celebration. We'd bake bread. We had a gramophone playing. and we'd dance to it. Canmore was a family village. When Christmas came each year, the union and the company would donate the money for Christmas presents. We'd take all the kids to the union hall, and they'd get the presents. Today - nothing!

The town goes to hell now. There were lots of Ukrainians here, but not now. Once there were 60 men from one village living here. Now when we go for the mail or something - how many do I meet? Maybe half a dozen people who I know. All the others are strangers and the rest of them died.

In the old days, everybody was happier than now. Today, people are greedy.

This whole world has gone to hell.