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Lamps Forever Lit

Lamps Forever Lit
A Memorial to the Kirkland Lake Area Miners
by Bernie Jaworsky
Edited by Kerry McArthur

Is a must read for everyone with a curiosity about mining or an affiliation to the Canadian mining industry and the Kirkland Lake area.

Moving, thought-provoking, harrowing, heroic: the stories told in Lamps Forever Lit ~ A Memorial to Kirkland Lake Area Miners pay homage to the men who died this past century in the Kirkland Lake-area gold mines of Ontario.Written by retired schoolteacher and long-time Northern Ontario resident Bernie Jaworsky, this factual yet compassionate history recalls the lives and deaths of 310 Canadian miners. Many of their names are now engraved for posterity on the Kirkland Lake Miners' Memorial. A careful reading of the book provides insight not only on the tragically abbreviated lives of these individuals but also sheds light on the evolution of mine safety and working conditions in 20th century Ontario.

Selected Stories
Valentino Bellon
Lucien J.C. Chouinard
Henry Melong
Thomas Daniel Starr
mining songs, music, photographs

Thoroughly researched and amply illustrated with photographs, artwork and maps, Lamps Forever Lit is an important addition to the cumulative history of mining in Canada. It describes the geological conditions faced and overcome by the miners, the early isolation of northern mining towns, the melting pot of nationalities and the strong solidarity between miners. Additionally, it reveals the magnetism of mining, the strength of family and specific acts of courage by mining comrades in the face of tragedy.

Book: Lamps Forever Lit
A Memorial to Kirkland Lake Area Miners
Written by Bernie Jaworsky, Dobie, Ontario
Published by Cambria Publishing, Calgary
256 pp, 160 duotone photos, maps & diagrams
10 x 8 hardcover Release date April 2001
Printed in Canada ISBN: 0-9697023-2-9
Retail price $29.95 plus S&H and GST

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